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A regular Bikram Yoga practice will change your life in wonderful ways.
Physically, mentally, emotionally, it makes everything better!



Dear Bikram Yoga Marietta community,


It's with a heavy heart that I must let you know that Bikram Yoga Marietta will be closing its doors. Our last day of classes will be November 15th.


The studio lease is running out and unfortunately I am unable to renew it. The landlord has plans to redevelop our shopping center and is not offering agreeable renewal terms. I've looked at relocating, but unfortunately this is not an option due to the prohibitive build-out costs involved.


BYM is a beautiful, special space, a place of refuge that we've been blessed to have since 2003. I've been thinking back over the years, namely the number of lives that have been changed for the better. There are an untold number of little miracles that have happened right in our hot room. There are numerous friendships that have blossomed and people who made it through a trial in their life at least partly due the yoga classes they took at BYM. I may never know how many lives have been touched and even saved at BYM but I know that it's made a positive difference in many, many people's lives. I feel grateful for my role in a business that truly helped our community and feel grateful to each of you for your support and presence at BYM over the years.


I hope you will stand with me in a place of gratitude as you take class with us through November 15th. I understand there will be sadness at this loss, but there is also reason for celebration if we recognize and acknowledge what BYM has been able to accomplish for us both personally and collectively.


Naomi Ross, the original founder of BYM, often said, “The best people in the world walk through our doors”. I have found that what she said is true. I have been continually blessed with the wonderful students (and staff) who find their way to BYM! Each of you have helped our studio bloom into the welcoming, non-judgmental space for personal growth and healing that it has become.


The instructors and I would love the next month to be a celebration of the time we have spent together. We would appreciate your support and kindness around this situation and hope that you will continue to come to class to enjoy BYM in the weeks to come. We are not closed yet! We still have our full class schedule through November 15th.


Going forward we are not selling any more class cards or monthly passes. We are offering single visits for $15, College/high school single visits for $13, and 1 week unlimited for $39.


If you are on our monthly membership program, please note that your November 1st charge will only be for 50% of what you normally pay (since we will only be open half of the month). You will not be charged after November.


We often forget that the end of one thing is the beginning of something else. When one door closes, another opens. Let's go forward with this faith that though BYM is coming to a close, it is not the end of our yoga journeys. Another door will be opening. Let's walk through it with love and gratitude for our experiences at BYM and keep the spark alive that BYM has ignited in our hearts.