Studio Etiquette

Help us maintain an intentional, considerate space that will facilitate your yoga practice by observing the following:

  • classlegBe on time. Lobby doors are locked 5 minutes before class to ensure classes start on time without interruption. There is no late admittance. 
  • Attend classes that you can stay for the entire 90 minutes. Bikram Yoga is designed to be practiced start to finish to experience the full physical and mental benefits. 
  • Bring only mat, towel and water into the yoga room. Please leave cell phones, watches, fit bits, gum (a choking hazard) and other miscellaneous items in the dressing room or your car.
  • Maintain silence in the yoga room before and after class as many students utilize this time to quietly meditate.
  • Stay in the yoga room. It’s always okay to take a break if you need to. If an emergency arises, please notify your instructor.
  • Stay present. This means staying with the words of the posture to the best of your ability.
  • Allow yourself to sweat with minimal wiping. Sweat has a cleansing effect and helps regulate your body temperature.
  • Have compassion for yourself and others. Remember the saying, “Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”
  • After class, leave quietly – walk softly, roll your mat carefully, and shut the door gently.
  • Please limit your shower time to 2-3 minutes as other students need to use the shower as well.
  • Take the peaceful energy you create in class into the rest of your day! Come back again tomorrow:)