Yoga Etiquette

Please help us create a harmonious community and environment that will facilitate your yoga practice by observing the following:

  • classlegBring only a mat, a towel to go over your mat, and water into the yoga room. Leave phones, iPods, watches, keys, fitbits, other miscellaneous gadgets, “jingly” jewelry and chewing gum in the dressing room or your car.
  • Only plain water is permitted in the yoga room. No sports drinks, juices, or electrolyte mixes are allowed in class. No glass bottles. Ice is discouraged.
  • Wash off any heavy make-up, creams, or perfumes before class. Do not put on perfume, body sprays or essential oils before class. A quick shower before class is also advised if you have been working all day (to help reduce odor as well as body oils and lotions which will make your grips more difficult).
  • Maintain silence in the yoga room before and after class as many students utilize this time to quietly meditate. There is also no talking during class; any questions should be asked in the lobby area before or after class.
  • If you are new to the yoga (less than 10 classes) or working though an injury or illness please set up in the back of the yoga room.
  • Position your mat so as not to block any one else’s view in the mirror and be willing to adjust your position to accommodate others as the class fills up.
  • Stay in the room. It’s always okay to sit down and take a break if you need to. If an emergency arises, please notify your instructor.
  • Commit to the entire 90 minute class. If you have an appointment or other engagement that will require you to leave class early, then do not attend class. Attend instead at a time when you can stay for the entire class.
  • Let go of any attachment to a particular spot in the room. The instructor may need to rearrange the room from time to time, so be open to moving your location if requested.
  • Stay present. This means following the cues given by the instructor without getting behind or moving ahead to the next step.
  • Practice stillness between postures.
  • Expect and accept that you are going to sweat. Sweating has a cleansing effect and helps regulate your body temperature, so please allow it to be there without wiping. This will also contributes to a more focused and disciplined practice.
  • After class, leave quietly – walk softly, roll your mat carefully, and shut the door gently.
  • Take 2-3 minute showers only. Showers are available for a quick rinse off, but not for shaving, conditioning or exfoliating. Also, to save shower time for others, please undress and redress outside of the stalls.
  • Be on time. Doors open 30 minutes before class and close 30 minutes after class ends. Doors are locked 5 minutes before class start time.

Thank you!

Enjoy the peace and energy you take with you from class. Make the commitment to return tomorrow!