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  • The Science of Exercising in the Heat – lecture by Dr. Todd Gibson 6/25/17

page-break (1)The Science of Exercising in the Heat

FREE lecture with Dr. Todd Gibson 

Sunday 6/25/17 at 1:00 pm

Have you ever wondered why the yoga room is heated and what happens to your body when you work out in the heat? Join us for this free 30 minute lecture on heat acclimation which will be followed by Q&A time! We recommend taking the 11:00 am class and then staying for the lecture :)

the hardest steelYou will learn:

  • The benefits of exercising in the heat
  • How to perform better in the heat
  • Special summer considerations
  • How to maintain proper hydration & electrolyte balance
  • The many ways the body cools itself
  • yoga pose in heatHow your body adapts to the hot room over time
  • What you can do to enhance your own heat acclimation
  • Ways to improve your recovery time
  • Energy utilization and fuel balance
  • How we can lose our acclimation to the heat

About Todd Gibson, BA, MS, DC:

todd_headshot cropped2Dr. Todd has been practicing at BYM since we first opened in 2003! He obtained his chiropractic degree in 2003 and his master’s degree in exercise science in 2004, both from Life University. His office, Good Spine Good Life! is located next door to BYM.

To learn more about Dr. Todd, visit his website:

Or call him: 404-503-8428