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  • The Science of Exercising in the Heat (free lecture) 5/20
  • Guest Teacher Cheryl Adnet 5/24, 5/26 & 5/27
  • Summer Vitality Challenge begins 6/1
  • Summer Challenge Kick-off Party 6/2 
  • Posture Clinic: The Balancing Series 6/9

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The Science of Exercising in the Heat

Lecture with Dr. Todd Gibson

Sunday 5/20/18 at 1:00 pm

Have you ever wondered why the yoga room is heated and what happens to your body when you work out in the heat? Join us for this free 30 minute lecture on heat acclimation which will be followed by Q&A time! We recommend taking the 11:00 am class and then staying for the lecture.

You will learn:

The benefits of exercising in the heat

How to perform better in the heat

Special summer considerations

How to maintain proper hydration & electrolyte balance

The many ways the body cools itself

How your body adapts to the hot room over time

What you can do to enhance your own heat acclimation

Ways to improve your recovery time

Energy utilization and fuel balance

How we can lose our acclimation to the heat

About Todd Gibson, BA, MS, DC:

Dr. Todd has been practicing at BYM since we first opened in 2003! He obtained his chiropractic degree in 2003 and his master’s degree in exercise science in 2004, both from Life University. His office, Good Spine Good Life! is located next door to BYM.

To learn more about Dr. Todd, visit his website:


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Guest Teacher Cheryl Adnet

Thursday 5/24/18 at 5:00 pm  Saturday 5/26/18 at 11:00 am  Sunday 5/27/18 at 11:00 am

Cheryl taught with us back in 2013 and her classes were very well received! We’re happy to welcome Cheryl back to the teacher podium while she is visiting our area. Don’t miss Cheryl’s class!!

What can I say. Life is good. Life is better with yoga. Eight years of yoga and I am grateful for it. For all of the physical  and mental awakenings and evolutions. I love Bikram yoga. I love teaching it. I look forward to reuniting with you and embracing our moments together again.”

-Cheryl, Bikram Yoga Harlem


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Summer Vitality Challenge Begins June 1st!

Why a Summer Challenge?

Because yoga helps you feel your best every season of the year including summer! However, it’s all too easy for our yoga practice to get pushed to the wayside in the hustle and bustle of the summer.

That’s why we’ve created the Summer Vitality Challenge to help you maintain a regular practice of at least 3 classes per week! You’ll look great and feel more comfortable and confident all summer long with Bikram yoga. Commit to your best health and increased vitality by participating in the Challenge!

Let’s Shine Summer Yoga Challenge has two options. Both begin June 1st!

40 classes in 92 days (June 1st – August 31st). Take class 3 times per week to complete this Challenge.

60 classes in 92 days (June 1st – August 31st). Take class 5 times per week to complete this Challenge.

  • Challenges are FUN and REWARDING!
  • Your name will go on the Challenge Board and you’ll keep track of your progress using our fun assortment of stickers (it’s really all about the stickers -LOL).
  • You won’t be doing this alone! Scores of your fellow students will be on the Challenge with you, and the camaraderie and group support will help you stay on-track!

Mark your calendar NOW and get ready for one of your best Summers yet!

Click here to read Challenge Testimonials and watch a video from our New Year’s Yoga Challenge

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Summer Challenge Kick-off Potluck Party

Saturday 6/2/18 at 12:30 pm

Let’s begin the Summer Yoga Challenge with good food and great company. Yep, it’s party time!

Yum! We always have a delicious and eclectic mix of food at our parties. The studio will be providing several dishes, but we invite you to bring one of your own creations to share.

There’s no food theme to the potluck. All foods are welcome, so bring something that you enjoy. And remember that everyone is welcome, including your friends & family! See you there.


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Posture Clinic: The Balancing Series

What: 2 hour Posture Clinic

When: Saturday 6/9/18 at 1:00 pm

Investment: only $39! Space is limited to 10 participants. Sign up ASAP to reserve your place.

Do you struggle to balance on one leg or get the grip in Standing Head to Knee, Standing Bow or Balancing Stick? Or on the other hand, do you go fairly deeply into these poses but still aren’t sure if you have all the fundamentals in place?

During this clinic we’ll discuss the right way to lock your knee and how to approach the balancing series with knowledge and confidence no matter your level of experience. You’ll learn the proper alignment and steps of each posture. We’ll also discuss the common challenges many people face and how to work through them.

Posture clinic will be led by instructor Jill Jordan who has been teaching Bikram yoga since 2005. The yoga room will be warm but not hot. Wear yoga clothes and bring your mat, towel and water.

Click here to register for the Posture Clinic