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I began practicing at Bikram Yoga Marietta in Dec 2016 at the age of 56 and at the recommendation of a friend. I was suffering with neck and shoulder issues (surgery had been recommended) and was hopeful that Bikram could help, though I admit I was afraid of the heated room and the unknown. The first class was indeed hard, but I went home and let it marinate and then noticed that I felt better! So I kept coming back, attending 4-5 times per week, noticing positive gains in how I felt physically and mentally (and I haven’t had to get the surgery).

I’ve always been an active person and worked out. I used to jog and swim as well as a bunch of other activities! Now however, aside from the regular yoga and Pilates group fitness classes that I teach, I only practice Bikram yoga. I feel I get everything I need including cardio from my Bikram practice and it helps that it’s good on my joints and has meditation benefits. During class I focus on my shoulders and on my breathing. It makes me more mindful and to be more patient and understanding, especially with my mother who I take care of. It also helps me to replenish my energy – they say of Bikram yoga that it is “the gas station” and I’ve found that to be true!

I come to yoga regularly as my MEDICINE! I also feel a part of and appreciate the welcoming and supportive community at Bikram Marietta and love seeing everyone at the studio. I tell anybody with pain to come to Bikram if they are serious about their health!” – Mary Richardson

Once my body could not tolerate any more physical stress from tennis, I needed to find a new form of exercise. Running was too hard on my joints. I joined a fitness center and toiled at various pieces of equipment for several months but never fully embraced the process or the environment. Meanwhile, my wife was espousing the benefits of her passion, Bikram Yoga, as a viable solution for my physical wellness. Needless to say, I was apprehensive about an activity that seemed beyond my emotional and physical comfort zone. Eventually I scraped enough courage together to attend a Bikram Yoga class. Any change in lifestyle takes time for me to assimilate. Bikram Yoga was a major change for me but one that I have come to fully embrace. Each class creates a positive physical and emotional impact on me. Making improvements to postures is gratifying even if progress oftentimes cannot be measured until weeks or months have elapsed. Finally, a big Thank You to the staff at Bikram Yoga Marietta for all the support and guidance.” – Randy Gifford

I grew up in a farm doing hard labor. I hated it at the time but realized as I grew older that it gave me the foundation to be independent and be active. I joined sports when I was in school and had some injuries but my body healed quickly and without any problems. As I became older and held many jobs, my shoulders became tense, I developed lower back pains and I couldn’t stand squatting/sitting low on the floor. I have stayed active and still do to keep my body from stress. I’ve gone to many deep tissue massages and see a chiropractor on a regular basis but the pain/tensions always came back.

When I first heard of Yoga, I was skeptical. I said, yeah…it’s stretching and I can always do it anytime blah blah blah…NOT! I started reading about Bikram Yoga and the testamonials. They’re very inspiring and seemed to me that it is the solution to my pain problems. So when I came in to Bikram Yoga I was very hesitant and very intimidated. I didn’t know what to expect. There was that, “What am I getting myself into? Should I? Can I?” questions in my head.

The first five classes were hard, the heat for me was unbearable but I was encouraged that consistency is key. After the tenth class, I could honestly feel the difference in my body. I was drinking more water than way back in my farm days and starting to eat healthy again…what?! The second week, I couldn’t wait to get off work to get my Bikram Yoga on. I was starting to get addicted. And as I finished my third week, I noticed that my shoulder tensions were gone, squatting/sitting low on the floor are no longer an issue and I’m moving quicker. My posture has definitely changed, I’m more relaxed when I work and I no longer wear a wrist support.

Bikram Yoga is…HEALING! I’m a BELIEVER! So yes, I can and I will. I LOVE IT! So for those of you who are searching for a serious and effective healing, come try Bikram Yoga. I highly recommend it.

I want to specially thank the instructors/staff. You guys ROCK! Thank you for being kind and encouraging. You make Bikram Yoga such a welcoming place to come to.  Thank you for making the practice unintimidating. NAMASTE! INDEED!” – Wilma

I want to let the entire Bikram Yoga Marietta family know that you have changed my life. From the very first day I arrived at the studio on January 7th, I was impressed by the idea of Bikram yoga, but little did I know the impact it would have!

I arrived on that first day committed to three consecutive classes. I quickly noticed the nonjudgmental atmosphere and the wide range of age, size, ethnicity, and ability at the studio which helped me know I was in a safe place. The first day was tough, but I kept coming. And after about two weeks, I looked at myself in the mirror and I had changed. Not so much physically, but mentally. I moved from wanting the rock hard body I had in my 20’s to wanting my body to move with grace, power, and strength through the postures at 51 and beyond.

Believe it or not I have come to appreciate the sweat! My husband has commented on multiple occasions how my skin has changed and how fresh I look even without makeup. And the peace I have found in quieting myself and being still is another benefit I’ve gotten from my time in the hot room.

All of these positive changes motivated me to complete my first (notice I said first…I will be doing it again) Yoga Challenge. I completed 40 classes in 60 days….what a journey!

So thank you! Thank you for opening the door to my future self. I will be moving to Florida in June and will continue this journey at Bikram Yoga New Smyrna Beach. My goal now is to continue this practice well into my 80’s and 90’s. It is because of the BYM staff and studio that I have grounded myself in this practice.” – Starlet Riviere

It was in March 2015 when I was first introduced to Bikram Yoga by my husband, Manish. He is a firm believer of yoga and so insisted that I come with him to Bikram Yoga!

In my first day of class, I saw people twisting their body and doing seemingly impossible postures and that too in a 105 degree F temperature. Then I thought, “Will I ever be able to do this?” I also wondered how breathing and stretching my body in different directions would help me release stress, increase body flexibility and tone up my body, but to my surprise it did and the benefits are multifold. I sleep well; I have more energy, reduced anxiety, increased tolerance and mindfulness.

I love coming to Bikram yoga daily as now I know the secret of better health and happiness!” – Pooja Srivastava

Let me share my story which may relate to many of us. I started yoga quite early in my life when I was in India. I had turned to yoga as a last resort when I was in a challenging phase of life struggling for career opportunities. It helped me then with its multiple benefits which I experienced in my day to day life. But unfortunately because of time constraints I did not continue to practice yoga regularly, and hence developed health problems like severe back & neck pain, tension from stress, lack of flexibility, sleep problems and many more to count.

I first joined Bikram Yoga in March 2015 with the belief and confidence that I would be benefited, and within a few classes my severe back & neck pain disappeared as it was never before, and I was able to sleep better. I’ve discovered that the consistency of doing Bikram Yoga’s 26 postures in the hot room on a regular basis not only brings energy up my spine but also makes me mentally relaxed, more focused and feeling positive about my day to day challenges. It has made me a happier person and has given me a completely new perspective in my life. Bikram Yoga has not only changed me mentally & physically but has also provided me with both instant gratification and lasting transformation.” – Manish Shrivastava

Amy MyersI entered the hot room for the first time in early September. I was full of fear and doubt and fully convinced that my body was going to betray me in the heat and crumble. My biggest fear was that Bikram yoga wasn’t for a woman my size. I began class with insecurity clinging to me.

The class was tough. I could not touch my toes or reach my feet in anyway that first class. I felt awkward and uncomfortable through most of the 90 minutes. I stayed present anyway. My first victory was simply showing up. I stayed in the room and kept coming back.

It is now January and this yoga practice is teaching me so much. Yes, I’m down 35 pounds. Yes, I can see my progress in the postures and the migraine headaches I’ve battled since childhood are gone. These are wonderful benefits of my practice but the lessons I’ve been able to apply to everyday life are what have changed me the most. I’m learning to honor my body and not shame it. I’m amazed at what this body of mine is capable of doing! I’m learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. I’m learning that just when I think I’m going to break, I can breathe and relax into the experience a bit more.

Perhaps the most meaningful realization for me has been the understanding that Bikram yoga is not about the size, shape, or age of my body but the sincerity of my intention and my willingness to keep showing up.

I am forever grateful for the space to practice and the community I’ve become a part of these last few months. I can’t wait to see where the path will lead as I continue to trust the process.
Namaste!” – Amy Myers

nataliaIn 2008 I switched from mountain biking to cycling. I started having problems with my lower back as I had to bend over more on a road bicycle than a mountain bike. I added regular yoga to my routine and it helped. Since then I wanted to complete a century ride — 100 miles in one day. I knew I had to strengthen my core to be able to hold my upper body for approximately seven hours and I also had to be more flexible to be in an aerodynamic position for a long time.

In November 2012 I started classes at Bikram Yoga Marietta mainly because I had severe TMJ syndrome and I fell in love with the super friendly employees and a very clean studio. I took many classes to get ready for my first century ride. In September 2013 I accomplished it and it was easier than I thought. I wanted to set a new goal and I signed up for a trip from Smyrna, GA to Anniston, AL and back the next day with seven other cyclists. I completed that ride in September 2014. It was a two-day trip and total of 200 miles — TWO HUNDRED MILES! I had to dig deep and quiet the exhaustion and pain but I did it and I couldn’t be happier.

I got rid of TMJ syndrome and I have improved my bicycling skills because of the yoga. Yoga has made me stronger, physically and mentally. I’ve learned to fill my mind with positive thoughts and to have a compassionate and motivating self-dialogue. Yoga didn’t change me — it helped me find myself.” – Natalia M.


Let me start by saying I love my Bikram Marietta staff and family! I wouldn’t trade them for the world! Such a truly amazing establishment that offers professional courtesy and encouragement to the NTH degree!

Thanks to a birthday gift of a 10 consecutive day membership, I started my Bikram practice December 12th. I will admit that my initial thought was “Yeah, I’m about to bring back my sexy”! Lol! I thought I was merely signing up for exercise and weight loss, but I’ve learned that Bikram yoga is so much more than achieving a physical outer shell. It is about achieving a ‘Total You’. It’s physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally challenging and somewhat addictive (in a positive way)!

I’m learning to practice stillness, focus, and look at my own eyes in the mirror. I’ve lost inches and have acquired a nicer “bum bum” which I’m totally excited about! I feel awesome and proud after each and every class especially the days that I didn’t want to go! “Just Get it Done and Keep it Moving (KIM)” is my Bikram motto!

I encourage anyone and everyone to give it a go. My 67 year old mom comes with me. I will rest during a class, but she rarely rests at all. She’s my motivation!

One of the catch phrases that I will attest to is that the yoga “heals from the inside out”. I suffered rotator cuff injuries in both my shoulders which required physical therapy and cortisone shots to alleviate the pain. At times, this made my injuries more tolerable, BUT NO HEALING! My testimony is I’m healed! I can bring my shoulders over my head while keeping my arms taut without pain and lower them to the sides without dropping them! I can swim again! My pain bothered me for over 31/2 years, and in less than a month my Bikram practice healed me from the inside out with its ‘tourniquet effect’! Now, I’m working on my 20 year carpal tunnel, knee, and ankle issues!

Thank you Bikram Yoga Marietta for the opportunity and challenging me to be a better all around Me! I love you all! Namaste. -“ – Katrice Hibler

prudy for webMy resolve for The Golden Years was to do things I never dreamed I’d be doing, and Bikram Yoga definitely falls into that category. My daughter, Courtenay, urged me to go with her in February 2013, and I am so glad she did!

In my new frame of mind, I’ll try anything – once! I was intrigued by the “no matter your age, weight, fitness level, you can do Bikram Yoga” claim (and I am now living proof of that). I was interested in the detox benefits and the fact that it is a work-out that is equally challenging to everyone, whatever their fitness level. My “once” soon became a three times a week habit. I felt great and my health was improving in a number of ways.

Then after several months, my daughter Allison agreed to join me – to humor me no doubt but also to see if she could find relief for her persistent back pain. Her first class stunned her and sold her at the same time, and she began attending daily. Her own benefits were profound (she healed her back condition as well as a hormonal imbalance). She then convinced me that this practice needed to be a part of my daily life, so I began going every day or at least 5 times a week minimum. That is when, in addition to feeling great, I began losing weight and realized you can build muscle at any age.

My doctor says Bikram Yoga is the best work-out on the planet, the very best thing you can do for yourself. I wish I had known this decades ago but am so glad to have it in my life now. I am grateful to my daughter Courtenay for introducing me to Bikram yoga and for my daughter Allison for inspiring me to take my own practice to a deeper level!” – Prudy O’rear

allisonLess than a year ago I humored my mother by taking a Bikram yoga class with her. It was a hard sell to this weight lifting, boot camping, marathoning, personal trainer. But I was injured, with 3 back surgeries under my belt (with a 4th scheduled) and without any other option for a workout. So I decided that maybe yoga would be better than nothing at all.

Oh wow, I still laugh when I think about my first class! This “Iron Woman” got handed one amazing workout, one of the hardest I had experienced! I found myself wondering how a yoga class could get the best of me after all I had conquered in my 18 years in the fitness world? I was so intrigued that I committed myself to go all week.

By day three I was already noticing some amazing changes. I discovered I didn’t need my usual afternoon nap to ice or heat my back. That evening I also realized that I had forgotten to take my pain meds which I had been on for almost two years! At that point I made a commitment to practice Bikram yoga, and only Bikram yoga, for three months.

As I continued practicing I realized that Bikram was rebuilding my body part by part, inside out! The physical changes were impressive enough to call it a miracle but something else happened that I had not expected…..years & years, specialist after specialist no answers were to be found for a hormonal nightmare that was going on inside my body. Blood work baffled every doctor I saw. Supplements were not being absorbed, hormones being rejected until around that three month mark when my symptoms not only started to go away but I got a call from my hormone specialist! She was shocked to see my blood work numbers finally making sense. I told her that I had been practicing Bikram Yoga, and she proudly said, “Keep it up!”

Then I went to my back specialist to set up a scan to get a closer look inside before surgery number four. A physical revealed that my range of motion had returned to normal, and the surgery was called off!! This doctor also ordered me to keep up the yoga. So I did!

Within three months the practice of Bikram had handed me back my life both physically, emotionally and mentally. Bikram is also leading me to a physique that I thought was only possible through daily weight training and vigorous daily cardio. With the results I was having I found no reason to return to the gym. Being a personal trainer I realized that in the 90 minuets I spent in the hot room I was getting the strength training, cardio and agility that took me hours in the gym all the while healing me instead of tearing me down like everything else in the past had done. Bikram has also created peace in my heart and soul which were both tortured with ongoing anxiety and stress that only through this practice have I found peace within and clarity in my thinking.

Bikram Yoga Marietta started off as simply being a place I went to practice, but I have met so many wonderful people and been inspired in so many ways it now feels like home. Naedra has done an amazing job with her studio, creating a peaceful environment and wonderful staff. They all make you feel like they are there for you alone each time you walk in the door.

I have found such healing here at BYM as I have reclaimed my health with my own hands and taken charge of my life in a way I never thought possible. I have become so passionate about the practice and what it can do that I will not return to training at the gym. Instead I will become a Bikram Instructor and combine my love of the practice with my love of helping and teaching others to find their highest potential….I believe it can be done here, injury free, with this practice alone! Thanks Mom! – Allison Fruits

Peter-Bauer-testimonial-photoI started Bikram Yoga classes a year and a half ago. My health has improved, my knee pain is gone, my posture is better, and I now weigh less than I have in 30 years. I’ve had to buy all new pants! I love coming to class and being able to focus on the postures and breath, and letting everything else go, especially the stress factors in my life. It is a great feeling to work the stress out of my body and mind, and feeling pumped and powerful, especially during the more challenging postures. I feel like a champion just for being in there and giving it my all. Bikram class is a highlight of my day.” – Peter Bauer, Chiropractor

I have been practicing Bikram yoga since 2009 and have found that it helps me manage stress like nothing else! Early in my yoga practice I noticed I was sleeping better, had more energy, and was gaining flexibility. I also started to lose some inches! Through the years I have done my best to maintain a regular practice, but recently I had to take 3 weeks off. During those 3 weeks (which were a stressful time for me) I was shocked to find out that my blood pressure went up significantly. The only thing that was missing was my yoga, and it dawned on me just how much my yoga practice helps me deal with stress! I am thrilled to be back in classes again and know now more than ever that I need to stay proactive with my health by continuing to make a place for yoga in my life.” – Pam Sweigart

Susan-Adams-testimonial-photo2Turning 60 was a wake up call for me because I couldn’t deny that physically I was starting to lose ground. My knees had become so weak that I was afraid that my legs would give out when walking downstairs. I also couldn’t lift the hairdryer up over my head when using it anymore. I knew I had to do something or else continue to decline. I decided to try Bikram Yoga and am happy to report that it has been 5 years and I am still practicing it! My knees have become very strong and lifting the hairdryer is a cinch :) I sleep better, have lost 20 pounds, and notice that my gastrointestinal system works more effectively. I love the feeling of ‘flushing out the old,’ the detox effect I get from each class. I also appreciate the mind body connection the yoga fosters. The welcoming, accepting community I have come to be a part of at Bikram Yoga Marietta has also become an important part of my life.” – Susan Adams

Liz-Neiderpruem-testimonial-photoBefore starting Bikram Yoga I was suffering with upper back pain that nothing seemed to help. I had gone to doctors, including the chiropractor, without any lasting relief. I was to the point of needing pain killers to help me get through the day. I decided to try Bikram Yoga in December of 2011, and it has been the only thing to relieve my back pain. In fact, even though my job requires me to be on my feet all day, the pain is now gone! I also feel less stressed, and I haven’t gotten a cold since starting the yoga, so I believe it has improved my immune system. This yoga has been a life-saver, and I feel so strongly about its healing benefits that I tell everyone I know and invite them to class!” – Liz Niederpruem

Michelle-Sills-Testimonial-photo2About 3 months ago I was looking to try yoga to help reduce my stress levels. I kept passing by Bikram Yoga Marietta, so decided to check out their website. Now that I have been practicing the yoga a few months, I notice that my outlook on life has improved. I am able to maintain a more positive mood, have more patience, and I feel less stressed. Bikram Yoga has given the song by James Brown ‘I feel good’ a new meaning! :) I have also noticed that I have more stamina when I go running. I consider myself lucky to have found this practice & look forward to improving my poses at each class!” – Michelle Sills

Yani-Wen-testimonialI have been practicing Bikram Yoga at least four times per week since January, and it has corrected digestive problems I had since 2004. My doctor had done numerous tests regarding my digestive issues and concluded that I might have to live with it for the rest of my life. Yikes! I’m glad he was wrong. Practicing Bikram Yoga also makes me sleep better and deeper, helps me eat right, and gives me more patience.

Before starting yoga, I used to run twice a week and do Pilates three times a week, but Bikram made me aware how out of shape I still was. In fact, I was only able to do a few postures my first class, had to take alot of breaks, and was wondering where all my strength was. Despite this, I took the teacher’s advice and returned for my next class within 24 hours. The second class was still tough, but I’m glad I had the courage to return, as this yoga has changed my life for the better on so many levels. All I can say is now I feel great and look forward to each class!

It’s interesting how my experience of the poses has changed through the months. For example, I didn’t like Camel Pose initially. I believe I skipped it my first four or five classes because I felt nauseated just thinking about it. But Camel is now one of my favorite postures! That doesn’t mean I can easily do it. I still have to practice letting go and breathing while in the pose, and I’m glad there is always Savasana in between the sets.

I love each teacher at BYM; they are great and have encouraged me in many ways. I wasn’t able to put my hands under my heels and lock my knees at the same time in the Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose. Naedra told me one day I would, and I did it just about a couple weeks ago! I like the saying, ‘if you can you must; if you can’t you must try’. I hear this often in Christian’s class.

I recommend Bikram Yoga to everyone, at least to try it out, and feel strongly that you will be successful. See you in class. Namaste…” – Yani Wen

dawne-kelly-for-newsletterI started Bikram Yoga September of 2012. I had just gone to a birthday party in Vegas, and when the pictures came back I knew I had to do something! I decided to start with yoga since I thought it would be something light to get me back into working out. I remembered a friend had once told me about Bikram Yoga, so I looked into it, and before I knew it I was attending my first class at Bikram Yoga Marietta!

I won’t lie – it wasn’t the “light” experience I was expecting! The first class was really tough for me, and so was the second. I even cried real tears on my best friend’s couch a few times about it. But I had decided to give this yoga an honest try and was determined not to give up. I kept going, and after my 4th class I took a leap of faith and signed up for one of the Yoga Challenges which began October 1st.

I completed my Challenge by taking 20 classes in 30 days! It was not easy, but it was so worth it! By the end of November I was down 4 dress sizes (I had to throw out that old Vegas dress and get a new one for another party I attended) which really made me smile. But aside from the happy result of losing weight, I have gained in ways that I didn’t expect from my Bikram practice.

For one, I used to suffer with insomnia, but since starting Bikram yoga I sleep better than I have in years! I also don’t tire at work as easily as I used to, and I feel more at ease.

Perhaps the most important change that has happened since I started yoga is the increased self-awareness and self-appreciation I have developed. I have begun making my health and wellbeing a priority, not just secondary to everyone else’s needs.  I have become more mindful of how I eat. I take time for yoga and am more likely to say no to things that aren’t in my best interest.

While it’s not all rose petals in the yoga room, I have come to love this yoga series, and I appreciate all the hard work and attention of the teachers – Ya’ll are the best!!

I am going to sign up for the next Challenge that begins Jan. 15th! I hope you will join in. Believe me, if I can do it, you can do it! You’ll be so glad you did.” – Dawne Kelly

Malena-Hankins-Testimonial-photoI have been swimming competitively since I was 9 years old, but the best swimming I have ever done was the second part 2011 when I was doing Bikram Yoga at least 5 days a week. At that time I competed in the 2011 Pan American Masters Championships and took home two 1st place medals, two 2nd place medals and set a Pan Am record!

I strongly believe Bikram Yoga took me over the edge to perform to the best of my abilities. I say that because my swim training remained the same and the only difference was the yoga.

I have always suffered with shoulder problems which went away after practicing Bikram Yoga. Also, after a marathon swim my arms used to be toast for three months, to the point that my husband had to help me put on my clothes because I couldn’t. After Bikram my recuperation time went to just a couple of days! It was and is amazing!

To swim my best, I need to do extra core work and it was recommended that I run. Well running destroyed my knees, and I didn’t like it. With Bikram I get the core exercise I need to add to my swimming workouts and I am pain free!

I am so grateful to have found this extraordinary yoga (wish I had found in sooner!) and recommend it to other athletes to improve their game, increase recovery time and to alleviate old injuries, aches and pains.” -Malena Hankins

I started at Bikram Yoga Marietta after hearing about the detox benefits. I had tried some other yoga styles, but felt like something was missing. After just one and a half months of practicing Bikram yoga, I sleep better than I have in years, have more energy, and have lost 7 pounds! I also find that I am more conscious of what I eat and am making healthier food choices. I feel so good from the yoga that when I recently went out of town for a beach vacation with my family, I found myself missing yoga and wishing I could go to class!” – Jacinda Viegas

After 5 months of practicing Bikram Yoga, my body is transforming and I am feeling great! I have lost 25 pounds! I am also experiencing relief from lower back pain, and my sleep patterns have improved. Though it was hard in the beginning, now I can’t imagine NOT doing yoga!” – Sandy Rubin

For decades I had not done any exercise, and I was out of shape and overweight. My wife, already an avid Bikram practitioner, had been trying to get me to take class for awhile. She asked me to commit to take 10 classes before deciding if it was for me. After those 10 classes, if I didn’t want to continue, she would never ask me to come again. Finally, I agreed.

The first class was tough, and I probably wouldn’t have come back if it wasn’t for my agreement with my wife. I continued to struggle through the classes, that is until I had persevered through my 7th or 8th . Then something started to shift, and I realized I felt better than I had in ages! To my surprise (and my wife’s delight), I even decided to sign up for more classes. Since then I have lost 35 pounds! My posture is better, and I am strong and feeling fit. I make better food choices than I did before and also credit the yoga with helping reduce my medications.

I am grateful for Bikram Yoga and for my wife’s encouragement that got me here in the first place! Yoga has become a big part of our lives, and we enjoy taking classes together. We also enjoy the studio community and friends we have made. If you are looking to make a positive change for your health and well-being, do what I did and commit to take at least 10 classes. It changed my life for the better, and it can change yours, too!” – Roberto Larrivey

For four years I tried everything to relieve my back and shoulder pain, including physical therapy and various doctor visits. I spent a ton of money, but no one and nothing I tried helped. My situation seemed hopeless, but I decided not to give up. I kept trying different things, and fortunately I finally found Bikram Yoga! In just 2 months of yoga, I am starting to get relief from the pain! I am also sleeping better and feeling more focused and alert. The sun has come up, and I have hope of being able to live pain-free. I am grateful to have found the yoga and to Bikram Yoga Marietta for their caring and supportive teachers. I have felt welcome, accepted and supported  from my first class. Thank you.” – Alison Leigh

Bikram yoga has become one of my favorite things to do. It’s increased my patience, my will-power, my confidence, you name it! I took my first my class three years ago, and can’t imagine life without it. I have a two-year old, and am a stenographer. Very stressful. But in those 90 minutes, it’s so easy to forget about everything else; no bills, no kids, no deadlines, just me and my breath, holding postures in stillness. Plus, all the compliments on my skin and figure are nice! The yoga makes you crave a healthier diet, and lots of fresh water. It also gives you energy, definition, and a wonderful sense of calm.” – Brittany Barber

A few months ago I was going through a life transition and realized I needed something to help with the stress. I had been interested in hot yoga for awhile and decided that it was time to try a class. I’m so glad I began Bikram Yoga! I liked it from the first class and starting feeling benefits early on.  Each class I work through and sweat out the stress! It leaves me lighter, happier and able to face each day with a new strength. In fact, I feel stronger on all levels! I am glad to be on this yoga journey and excited to see what is around the bend…” – Diane Costello

As a 50-something woman, I have come to realize more than ever how important it is to keep myself fit and strong. While this is imperative at any stage, I believe it is now the very best gift I can give to myself as I move into my later years. Bikram Yoga, for the past 18 months, has inspired me to do just that. This practice has helped me in so many ways! My mind is much clearer. My body is incredibly stronger. My overall approach to life is positive and pure pleasure. Naedra, the new owner,  has made this studio a fantastic place to be! The kind and well-trained instructors are, each one, so helpful in my practice, as well. If you are looking for a well-rounded, very challenging fitness regime, that will enhance mind, body, and spirit, come check out Bikram Yoga Marietta!” – Joan P.

A few months ago I decided to try Bikram Yoga because I wanted to improve my back-bending ability (to increase my skydiving potential), and I wanted to drop a few pounds. I have achieved these goals in just 2 months! My skydiving moves are getting better, and everyone keeps asking me how I have trimmed down so fast. I’m feeling great, and I’m pleasantly surprised by some other benefits I’ve gotten from the yoga. For example, I find myself making healthier food choices, and my stamina when running and doing my other workout routines has noticeably improved. As a guy who likes to push my limits, I have also come to appreciate the rugged psychological challenge each class provides and that physically and mentally Bikram Yoga is increasing my edge.” – Justin

I started Bikram Yoga 4 months ago hoping it would help with a hip injury. I was already an avid runner, but the hip pain was holding me back, and some friends recommended I try the yoga. One month I couldn’t run due to the pain, but I didn’t gain any weight, which I attribute to having started the yoga during that time. I’ve taken about 30 classes so far and my hip pain is greatly reduced! I have also made gains in flexibility and have an overall improved sense of well-being. I am able to run again (and even started biking), and I notice that I have a faster recovery time and get less sore than I used to, which I also attribute to my Bikram Yoga practice. I can recommend this yoga to anyone who wants to feel better, work through injuries, or improve their game!” – Curt M.