Top Reasons to Practice Bikram Yoga

Wake up refreshed and energized – No more counting sheep! With a regular Bikram practice, your sleep patterns will regulate, and you will get plenty of restful and restorative sleep.

Laugh when you get honked at in traffic – When you sweat as much as we do in a Bikram class, you stop sweating the small stuff! Traffic jams and other inconveniences don’t get the same reaction from you anymore. And the person honking? You’ll just be wishing you could tell them about yoga.

DSC_0650Fit into that dress – Shedding unwanted pounds is a common side effect of Bikram Yoga! It is estimated that you can burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories per class!

A 90 minute vacation just for you – Think of the hot room like a mini-tropical vacation! No cell phones ringing or demands for your time. 90 minutes to unplug and recharge your physical and mental batteries.

Notice your back doesn’t hurt anymore – Yoga practice strengthens and stretches the spine. Many students have left behind long standing back pain through yoga, and it can happen for you, too!

Realize your glass is half-full – It’s a known phenomenon that yoga practice increases happiness levels! Your perspective will begin to shift to a more positive one, and you’ll be able to appreciate your life in a whole new way.

Become the Twister Champion in your neighborhood – You will enjoy increased flexibility, as well as better balance and coordination from your yoga practice. Playing Twister just might become your favorite activity (aside from yoga that is)!

Bring in all 5 bags of groceries in one trip – You will develop greater physical strength through your yoga practice and increased stamina. Tasks that used to leave you winded like mowing the yard, clearing out the attic or playing ball with the kids will now be accomplished with greater ease (and you won’t pay for them later with a back ache!).

Feel better than you have in years – Letting go of stress, stimulating all your organs and systems to function optimally, stretching and strengthening your entire body – these are just some of the reasons this yoga practice leaves you more vibrant and alive.

awkwardsmileSmile when you look in the mirror – As you meet yourself each class, you will begin to develop a greater understanding of and compassion for yourself. You’ll get an inkling of the amazing creation that you are and start recognizing a friend when you look in the mirror.

Improve your game – Whether it’s running, team sports or golf, you are going to be amazed at how yoga helps you perform better! On top of that, your endurance and recovery time will improve, and you will be less likely to suffer an injury.

Focus like a laser beam – As your focus improves in class, you’ll notice it improve in other areas of your life as well. You’ll be able to concentrate on the task at hand and use your time more productively.

Dance the Tango at your Golden Anniversary – With a regular Bikram practice, you can maintain your spinal integrity, strength and mobility even into your later years. Just look at Emmy Cleaves, Bikram’s most senior teacher, who is still teaching and practicing in her mid-80s!

Make healthier food choices – You may be surprised at how your food choices start changing for the better as you continue your yoga journey. You could actually start craving healthy food!

DSC_0830Get a relationship GPS – Maybe it’s the greater patience you start to develop or your new ability to handle stress. Maybe it’s just because you feel so much better in general. We aren’t 100% sure why, but with a regular yoga practice you will find yourself navigating the twists and turns of your relationships better and experiencing greater harmony with the people in your life.

A supportive community – You are not alone in this. There’s a fun loving community of positive people at BYM improving their lives and leading healthier lifestyles. Don’t be shy to draw upon their knowledge and support!