Featured Success Story

KatriceLet me start by saying I love my Bikram Marietta staff and family! I wouldn’t trade them for the world! Such a truly amazing establishment that offers professional courtesy and encouragement to the NTH degree!

Thanks to a birthday gift of a 10 consecutive day membership, I started my Bikram practice December 12th. I will admit that my initial thought was “Yeah, I’m about to bring back my sexy”! Lol! I thought I was merely signing up for exercise and weight loss, but I’ve learned that Bikram yoga is so much more than achieving a physical outer shell. It is about achieving a ‘Total You’. It’s physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally challenging and somewhat addictive (in a positive way)!

I’m learning to practice stillness, focus, and look at my own eyes in the mirror. I’ve lost inches and have acquired a nicer “bum bum” which I’m totally excited about! I feel awesome and proud after each and every class especially the days that I didn’t want to go! “Just Get it Done and Keep it Moving (KIM)” is my Bikram motto!

I encourage anyone and everyone to give it a go. My 67 year old mom comes with me. I will rest during a class, but she rarely rests at all. She’s my motivation!

One of the catch phrases that I will attest to is that the yoga “heals from the inside out”. I suffered rotator cuff injuries in both my shoulders which required physical therapy and cortisone shots to alleviate the pain. At times, this made my injuries more tolerable, BUT NO HEALING! My testimony is I’m healed! I can bring my shoulders over my head while keeping my arms taut without pain and lower them to the sides without dropping them! I can swim again! My pain bothered me for over 31/2 years, and in less than a month my Bikram practice healed me from the inside out with its ‘tourniquet effect’! Now, I’m working on my 20 year carpal tunnel, knee, and ankle issues!

Thank you Bikram Yoga Marietta for the opportunity and challenging me to be a better all around Me! I love you all! Namaste. -“ – Katrice Hibler