Featured Success Story

“I began practicing at Bikram Yoga Marietta in Dec 2016 at the age of 56 and at the recommendation of a friend. I was suffering with neck and shoulder issues (surgery had been recommended) and was hopeful that Bikram could help, though I admit I was afraid of the heated room and the unknown. The first class was indeed hard, but I went home and let it marinate and then noticed that I felt better! So I kept coming back, attending 4-5 times per week, noticing positive gains in how I felt physically and mentally (and I haven’t had to get the surgery).

I’ve always been an active person and worked out. I used to jog and swim as well as a bunch of other activities! Now however, aside from the regular yoga and Pilates group fitness classes that I teach, I only practice Bikram yoga. I feel I get everything I need including cardio from my Bikram practice and it helps that it’s good on my joints and has meditation benefits. During class I focus on my shoulders and on my breathing. It makes me more mindful and to be more patient and understanding, especially with my mother who I take care of. It also helps me to replenish my energy – they say of Bikram yoga that it is “the gas station” and I’ve found that to be true!

I come to yoga regularly as my MEDICINE! I also feel a part of and appreciate the welcoming and supportive community at Bikram Marietta and love seeing everyone at the studio. I tell anybody with pain to come to Bikram if they are serious about their health!” – Mary Richardson